These phrases refer to 2 to 6 year old children in a preschool setting. Please complete each phrase in as few words as possible. There are no right answers.

    1. Children are wonderful, but

    2.When a child cries, I

    3.When I speak to children

    4.Children who are not potty trained

    5.What children want to make them happy

    6.What children need most is

    7.A child feels unhappy when

    8.Children are naughty because

    9.Children who pretend

    10.Friends are important to children because

    11.Children get into everything because

    12.Children learn the most when

    13.Children’s art

    14.Before children to go to kindergarten they should know

    15.My favorite activity with children is

    16.My favorite story or picture book for a child is

    17.My favorite children’s game is

    18.My favorite TV show for children is

    19.Something that makes me so angry is

    20.Something that makes me angry is

    21.My childhood was

    22.What I consider a real mess

    23.The kind of mess that doesn’t bother me is

    24.Teachers need


    26.I am easy to get along with because

    27.I think my two most important jobs as a preschool teacher will be

    28.Preschool should be

    29.I want to work at this preschool because