September Welcome to School
Week 1: Rockin’ Rules and Routines Letters: F,H,T
Week2: Apples Numbers: 1,2,3
Week 3: Fall Color: Red,
Week 4: All About Me Shape: Circle
Culinary Experience: Pizza Author: Leo Leoni
Home School Connection (HSC): All about me project Country: Italy
October Orchard Harvest
Week1: Pumpkins Letters: I,L,E
Week 2: Orchard Animals Numbers: 4,5,6
Week3: Community Helpers/Fire safety month Color: Yellow
Week4: Halloween Shape: Square
Culinary Experience: Soft Pretzels Author: Marcus Pfister
HSC: Teddy Bear Hospital Country: Germany
November Giving Thanks
Week1: Trees Letters: D,J,U
Week 2: Manners Numbers: 7,8,9
Week3: Forest Animals Color: Brown
Week4: Thanksgiving Shape: Rectangle
Culinary Experience: Tea and Crumpets Author: Laura Numeroff
HSC: Family tree Country: England
December Celebrate around the World
Week1: Hannukah Letters: B,O,P
Week 2: Winter Numbers: 10,11
Week3: Christmas Color: Green
Week4: Kwanzaa Shape: Triangle
Culinary Experience: Corn bread Author: Chris Van Allsburg
HSC: Parents are invited to share holiday traditions Country: South Africa
January Winter Wonderland
Week 1: Weather Letters: C,S,R
Week 2: Arctic Animals Numbers: 12,13,
Week 3: Fairy Tales Color: White
Week 4: MLK Shape: Diamond
Week 5: Snow Fun Author: Jan Brett
Culinary Experience: Desert Pavlova Country: Australia
HSC: Cotton ball polar bears
February Fit Friends
Week 1: Health Eating Letters: A,G,Q
Week 2: Friendship/Valentine’s Day Numbers: 14,15
Week3: Spirt Week/ President’s Day Color: Pink
Week4: Fitness Shape: Heart
Culinary Experience: Rice Noodles Author: Bill Martin Jr.
HSC: Japanese windsock Country: Japan
March Spring in to Spring
Week1: Dr. Seuss Letters: W,Z,N
Week 2: St. Patrick’s Day Numbers: 16,17
Week3: Pond life Color: Yellow
Week4: Spring Shape: Oval
Culinary Experience: Irish Soda Bread Author: Dr. Seuss
HSC: Mosaic Shamrocks Country: Ireland
April Earth Exploration
Week1: Emotions and feelings Letters: M,X,K
Week 2: Bugs Numbers: 18,19
Week3: Caterpillars/ Butterflies Color: Blue
Week4: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Shape: Star
Culinary Experience: French Desert Author: Eric Carle
HSC: Make an Easter basket out of recycled materials Country: France
May Bubbles, Boats & Floats!
Week1: Nursey Rhymes Letters: V,Y
Week 2: Our Pets Numbers: 20
Week3: Magnets Color: Purple
Week4: Sink or floats Shape: Pentagon
Culinary Experience: Chips and salsa Author: Shel Sliverstein
HSC: Homemade Piñatas Country: Mexico
June Winter Wonderland
Week1: Summer Letters: A-Z Review
Week 2: Dinosaurs Numbers: 1-20 Review
Week3: Space Color: Orange
Week4: Zoo Shape: octagon
Culinary Experience: Apple pie Author: Kevin Henkes
HSC: Create your own species Country: USA
July Fit Friends
Week1: Red, White and Blue Letters: A-Z Review
Week 2: water, water everywhere Numbers: 1-20 Review
Week3: Oceans of fun Color: Pastel
Week4: Wild, Wild West Shape: review
Culinary Experience: making sundaes Author: summer themed books
HSC: Ice cream social Country: USA
August Spring in to Spring
Week1: Rain forest Letters: A-Z Review
Week 2: Sand Numbers: 1-20 Review
Week3: The tropics Color: neon
Week4: Camping Shape: review
Culinary Experience: pineapple and ham pizza Author: summer themed books
HSC: Luau Country: USA